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'Feeding hungry bellies; a highly satisfying passion of ours'


Subject to availability and change

Rice/Noodle Box Meals

• Korean BBQ Chicken Wings

• Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

• Saucy Jerk Chicken Wings

• Gochujang Chicken Wings

• Thai Satay Chicken Wings 

• Chinese 5 Spice Pepper Steak

Curry Mutton (Boneless)

• Teriyaki Salmon Fillet

• Shell On Cajun Butter Prawns

• Miso Mushrooms (Vegan)

Thai Coconut Chickpea Curry (Vegan)

All served with a choice of Cantonese Noodles or Chinese Fried Rice (Contains Nuts) or Rice & Peas,

Mac 'n' Cheese Balls, Plantain and/or Mini Spring Roll


Fortune Cookies

100% Natural Peach Tea 

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